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August 30, 2019 A total of 50 large fires have burned more than 336,000 acres.

New large fires were reported in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Texas.

In Britain, attacks related to online dating increased almost six-fold over roughly the same period.

If the US and UK are experiencing the same trends, then online dating is indeed becoming more dangerous.

Onshore flow is expected to continue along the entire West Coast.

Afternoon convection will be focused mainly along the Continental Divide from the Mexican Border north into British Columbia.

A breezy westerly flow will remain in place across the upper Midwest, Great Lakes and New England regions.

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But here’s one telling, albeit only suggestive, comparison: The Pew Research Center found that between 20 the proportion of American adults using dating services tripled.A total of 58 people were victims of online dating-related crimes in those four years, some of them sexual. For context, in 2012 the area had an overall average of 243 sexual assaults and rapes every month.)Many apps offer a page of advice for safe dating.But Leech wants other protections, like giving users alerts about potential risks before they ever begin chatting with strangers.Then again, they may not be experiencing the same trends.In the US, overall incidents of sexual violence have fallen by 63% since 1993, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

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