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Pros Keep in mind that these services could end or change at any time, especially because they’re free and sometimes just a developer’s side project.In fact, two examples of this happened between the time of gathering the research for this article and writing it.has now been converted to a mobile-only app and renamed Jive Chime.has since eliminated their free plan completely and transitioned to a free trial.This is different from creating an account, however, and these features are still free. Just click the green “Go” button, enter your name and your video conference will start.Then share that link with up to three other people (4 total) for the best quality and experience.This is an emerging standard that is currently compatible with all Chrome, newer versions of Firefox, and most recently Opera?

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A significant negative is the lack of mobile browser support. Pros Get is about as simple and modern as video calling gets.

Popular services such as Vox OX, oo Voo, IMO and, of course, Skype and Google Hangouts all have this problem, thus putting a damper on quick collaboration.

One “solution” to this is to have accounts for them all, which is something I used to do.

Just click the “Start a new call” button and share the unique link with up to 3 others.

Like most other Web RTC-based services, Get works on mobile browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

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