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While the Spark III wasn't quite the lightest bag in our review, it isn't far behind while offering a good deal of warmth and tiny packed size. Our testing team felt even despite its impressively low weight, it was a true 25-degree bag, and on the warmer side of bags with similar temperature ratings.It features 14 ounces of 850 fill power down that helps it achieve its 25F rating.Check out the chart below to see where the Spark III stands in the Warmth category.The volume of 850 fill-power down stacks up comparably with other bags, such as the 30 degree Western Mountaineering Megalite, which features 13 ounces of similar 850 fill.Offering the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any bag in our review, the Spark III provides a focused design that minimizes weight without compromising warmth.It shaved grams with tight (thermally efficient) dimension, super light 10D fabric, and only a 1/4 length zipper.

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