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The idea that the menopause signals the end of women’s sexually active years is losing ground.

The notion of sex as a purely procreative activity has all but disappeared from society but many women can still feel that sex is only about procreation and the idea of indulging in a purely recreational sex life is alien to them.

However, try not to give into it - keep (or start) exercising and make sure you eat a healthy diet. The pressure to remain young comes from both inside and outside the person and being able to share your thoughts with a non-judgemental, supportive partner really helps.

However, no matter how many times you hear “you look lovely”, you have to believe it for herself.

These days most women can expect one-third of their life to be post-menopausal.

So it's essential for them to be able to explore attitudes and their own beliefs regarding menopause if they are to enjoy a full, healthy and respectful relationship.

This is surprising, because it seems that so much mainstream dating advice says things like wear expensive clothes, and tells you to be yourself, when in reality, these methodologies are not very effective and have likely not been tried out by the person writing them.Biological problems account for the majority of sexual problems in menopausal women.It is important to recognise that these problems hardly ever exist in isolation.Psychological, sociocultural, and/or relationship issues may also contribute to difficulties experienced by women and therefore it’s important that a thorough assessment is made to address these and other non-physiological factors.Some men may feel that the menopause is ‘women’s business’ and that there is no need for them to be informed or even involved.

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