Alcoholics dating custody

For example, if a spouse knows before marriage that the person he is marrying has a substance abuse problem, he cannot use this as grounds for divorce.

And if you do want to press ahead, get ready for a rough ride.

I’d never met anyone involved in the kind of life he lived.

Because of his alcoholic soul and narcissistic heart, I found myself in a twilight zone of manipulation. A reality that left me wondering at times if he was right and if I, in fact, was the crazy one. The thing is that the devil will never take you out of his fire. I have to get myself out of this fire, with the help of God and the people in my life who live in light, not flames.

Either spouse can get a no-fault divorce in every state on grounds like "irreconcilable differences." A handful of states permit "fault" divorces, based on one spouse's bad behavior, which can include abuse of alcohol.

So if your spouse abuses alcohol and you live in one of those states, you may want to ask for a fault divorce. For many years, one spouse could only end a marriage by proving that the other spouse engaged in truly bad or unacceptable behavior, such as infidelity or insanity. Today, all states permit one spouse to divorce the other without a statement of fault, using grounds such as an irreparable breakdown of the marriage.

These fault grounds for divorce have been around for many years, and some unusual rules have developed.

You'll have to prove the habitual nature of the issue, since mere occasional drunkenness or regular moderate drinking is probably not going to be enough.

In the same manner, occasional weekend binges or "functional" alcoholism (in which the spouse successfully holds down a job despite continual drinking) might not suffice either.

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