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At first, Alexis pushes him away, not interested in a relationship, but slowly she falls for him, as well.

Ric is Sonny's half-brother, and is aware that Kristina is actually Sonny's daughter.

Sonny went on to save her life when she, Zander, Sonny and Emily Quartermaine were attacked by a rival mafia family. A distraught Carly is in a car accident, and Alexis encourages Sonny to return to his wife.

Alexis is left devastated by the murder of Chloe, but was comforted by Jax, who found her presumed dead sister Kristina Carter. Kristina claims her birthright and becomes a Cassadine Princess, despite Helena's plots to attempt to murder her. Alexis learns she is pregnant, but decides against telling Sonny, who has turned against Zander and is threatening his life.

Alexis is protective of Stefan and her nephew Nikolas Cassadine, going as far as to make Stefan believe that his lover Katherine Bell was actually his half-sister Natasha.Upon learning of her deception, Stefan banishes her from his life.Luke helps her discover her true identity as the real Natasha, and Helena uses this to force Alexis to aid her in an attempt to wrest control of the Cassadine empire from Stefan, in turn giving Alexis the princess birthright she deserved.During a fire at the Port Charles Hotel, Alexis reveals to Carly that Sonny is actually Kristina's father.Fellow lawyer Ric Lansing flirts with Alexis a lot when they see each other in courtrooms.

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