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Juliet has no issue making tough decisions but when it comes to her personal life she is thrown off course when former husband Sam turns up at the hotel.

The writers are really challenging Tony's values this series." "He sacrifices a lot in order to create a comfortable family life at home for his wife and children, and there is always that unintentional clash because he does work so hard he never gets to see his family." "When his daughter Liz turns up at the hotel for an audition a lot of home truths hit him and he is forced to reassess his position both as a father and within the hotel." Gino Primirola is played by actor Martin Marquez.However, Meredith was actually Sam's girlfriend and Juliet grew jealous and briefly left Hotel Babylon.Meredith Sutton opted for the job and Sam agreed until he found out a minute later that she had tampered with the exercise. Emily James stated that Casemore knows London inside out.In series two, James is also shown to have a gambling addiction after selling his BMW car to pay for his gambling addiction.James also secretly reveals to Ben that his wine tasting skills are a fraud and possesses no talent for wine tasting!

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