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To facilitate this, they cut other foreigners out of their life completely, refuse to make friends or socialise with other foreigners, and only speak to Japanese people.

Abandoning your home culture is a huge mistake, since inevitably you’ll end up eating your words someday and will wind up isolating yourself from people back home, which can get really lonely.

The other camp is probably a little more laid-back about their new life in Japan and revels in the chance to make friends with other people from literally all over the world.

They forge lifelong friendships with people from far-flung places, learn about those people’s cultures, and generally have an amazing time, apart from the fact that they find making Japanese friends to be a bit too much effort, and so they don’t bother.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, and getting too comfortable and too used to life in Japan can make you feel less inclined to get out of your comfort zone and really go out of your way to appreciate everything the country has to offer.

Another common “stuck in a rut” type situation a lot of foreigners find themselves in actually happens in their working life.

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