Android 2 2 gmail not updating

While some major features still require full version updates, Google has a system in place that keeps many handsets at least somewhat relevant with Google Play Services.The company can squash certain bugs and even introduce new features just by updating Play Services.Similarly, Google has also added an app-scanning feature that watches for malware, making older devices more secure.These user-facing features were added to the Android operating system via a Play Services update without any interference from device manufacturers or carriers.They require new versions of the core operating system.

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keyboard, Hangouts, Chrome, Google Maps, Drive, You Tube, Keep, Google , the Google search app—these are all apps that update regularly from Google Play and that you can install on older devices.The 'People' app shows contacts from all the accounts I've created on the phone: Google, Skype, Facebook, and and if I remove the Google account from the phone the 'People' app tells me there is no suitable account to sync contacts with. No, if I create a new contact on the phone it gets created as a Google contact and gets synced to Google if I create a new contact on Google it gets synced to the phone as a Google contact.Nb, there doesn't seem to be a way to pick a different account to sync my contacts with, its Google or nothing; the contacts on my phone are never synced to the other accounts. I concern my issue with Gmail support and Motorola support, both advised me to contact the app developer as it clearly was not a problem with the phone.The reality is that Android updates are becoming less and less significant.If you have a device with Marshmallow (Android 6.0) or above, you still have a very modern Android experience with most of the latest features.

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