Argentine and dating Sex chat no sighup no nothing

Relieved to be in a taxi alone back to my place, as soon as I got home I replied to the POF boy seeing if he was still free the next night as we’d tentatively made plans, hopefully take two would be an improvement! I’d never met up with someone like this, was this such a good idea?? He was funny, interesting and our mansion bar drinks went well.

I pulled out my phone to text him, secretly hoping that the guy across the street wouldn’t show signs of receiving a new message. He had to go off to shoot a band (he shoots music gigs in his free time, very cool).

Things almost immediately got off to the wrong foot, less because I was 20 minutes late (He then went on to say that all woman abandon him, not exactly first date conversation either!

Okay, I’ve only ever mustered up enough effort to set up an online dating profile this one time as an experiment with Clém, one which survived less than 24 hours, but I thought that she would be perfect for this new little trial.

Pseudonym decided, now, which site should she appear on?

So we made a date for the following weekend, a pisco sour and fernet night, the national drinks of Peru and Argentina.

The right mix for a fun night, which got repeated a few other times.

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