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Love is an ever deepening feeling that develops over time.

Which, I would add, is exactly the same for developing your passion: (read Duckworth’s research about it).

Let the liberation from being walked all over begin now!

Read More Confidence, like a building, takes a lot of effort to develop, regular maintenance to keep it in good shape, but just a single blow to destroy it.

Binazir suggests that good relationships are a balance of Yin (femininity) and Yang (masculinity).

A woman, to attract a masculine counterpart, should embrace her Yin.

The author introduces a concept I’m very fond of: “back justification”.

When you flake on someone or cancel at the last minute your mind will back justify your action telling you that you didn’t care enough about him. But now you unconsciously lose interest in a guy who might otherwise be an amazing guy.

For us, value is how we derive attention, approval, and acceptance, which humans need to feel good about themselves. Think about it; ever since the time you were born you have devised ways …

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When I read Ali Binazir talking about women’s attitude towards dating, I knew I was possibly reading the best book on dating I had ever read.

He mentions this story: But, says the author, love rarely means madly falling in love with someone during the first date.

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