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The Standard Narrative is the guy taking the girl's number, and him having to call her. Then, a week later, she messages me, asking if I've forgotten about her. His argument is basically that as a "Mack" you should never do the chasing but let the girl chase you instead. This method only works when you don't care about her, but it does establish her as the chaser and in any scenario saves you time.If she calls you, you know shes interested and if she doesnt well then she wasnt interested. I will say this, when I have given out my AND the girl has actually followed up on it the following meet has been very positive.If you met her in the day you may fair better as the experience will stick with her, but why even risk it?The point of getting her number is to ensure the chase is not over even before it started.

I think its almost worthless as any idea, except for stealth # giving.

Women in American society still think that most the time the guy should "be the man" and "make the first move" but yet they still try to be entitled bitches rather than obeying the men like they did in the early part of the last century.

So I would suggest not doing this unless women know who you are and know what you are about, like a celebrity and such. If you really are interested in how well it goes get out there and let us knows what happens. When I was at the university I would get numbers like it was nothing. After I built my team up, I stopped getting numbers. I started giving my number out and tell them hit me up when your down to chill.

I don't know why this works online but not IRL, but it does. Try to get her to meet up later or next week for drinks. If she's hesitant tell her to "bring a friend" and "it'll be fun". This Tariq dude talks a lot, but has anyone SEEN anything from him.

Get hers, but if you can give yours too, it can't hurt, especially if she's really into you. Only 4 girls have called me first after getting my number. Only 1 did the work while I sat around playing hard to get. Anyone can talk game theory, but as a coach of the "Mack's" there should be something besides books, right?

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