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For now I am trying to replace the SQLData Source with a Sql Data Adapter and Data Table.But it would be nice to know if I can control the Command timeout on the SQLData Source control also... Thanks Muhammed, I appreciate the reply and the info. got caught up in development and forgot to respond. Depending on the returned dataset, I would like to run a certain client-side script, e.g. An example of the general code would be: sub button_click() 'Get a dataset (datareader) cmd. Edit solved: The problem was that depending on the databind i didn't add the buttons to the control tree instead of simple set visible to false.

...master page treeview control treenodechanged event called from my content page but in one case event does not called Hi All, I have a Treeview control at my master page and from my content page I show user interface based on Tree Node Changed, Treenodechanged event from my content page but in one case this event does not ------- Additional Comments from Aaron Leventhal User Controls Hi, I'll make this senario somewhat generic.I have an ASPX Page, within the aspx page I have two web user controls.Write("Content Page", "Page_Init"); my Master = (Ma... Client Script to Fire Custom Validation Control Server Side event Hi, I would like to use the page.clientscript method to raise the validate event. --- Peter Blum Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package I would like to fire this using the Client Script process. Net Web/Software Engineer The Custom Validator supports code written for the client and server sides.Selecting event fires before control event Hi, My problem is as follows. Selected Value; Now the problem is that Selected Value still contains the previous value, i think because the datasource loads it's data before the control is updated. Its fully setup to call that code for you, without you writing any sc...

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