Assertive to dating

Man or woman, you have your opinions on the economy, the state of the world or your beliefs about adopting a pet from the shelter.

If you see your date shaking her head and smiling, that’s her signal that she disagrees with you.

Impress him by having an idea of what you want to do, suggests Nick Notas on his Dating Specialist website. ”In all dating-related matters, your safety should be your first concern.

Rather than saying, “You pick what we’ll do,” tell him, “I’d like to go see that new art exhibit,” or “That new dog park is pretty cool. If a new guy says he’ll pick you up at your condo, nix that and tell him you’ll meet him in a public area, such as at a coffee shop or restaurant.

Why don’t we go see the latest flick that’s showing this weekend?

” Ladies, it doesn’t pay to be shy and retiring, waiting for the men to express interest and suggest an evening out with you, says Collingwood.

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In the dating game especially, listening to our partners, as well as ourselves, can teach us plenty about healthy romantic assertion.

When you meet someone you’re interested in, get acquainted with your inner Sassy Girl, smile, flirt a little and let him know you like him.

Chances are, he’ll appreciate your approach, and if he doesn’t, it’s his loss.

The compliments we deflected, the things we said and didn’t, and the embraces we offered or withheld.

It all connects to how well or poorly we were aligned with our inner knowing.

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