Backdating share

If the company has more than 20 members you must tell us of changes affecting the top 20 members in each class of share.

You would need to submit a Change to company details if: The transactions you need to complete are outlined below.

The register must have information about the company's members (or shareholders) and the number of shares in the company.

The register must also show if the member has any shares that are not beneficially held.

Any changes to a member's personal details and/or their holdings must be recorded in the register.

The register must have information about shares including: You must provide information on your register to ASIC.

The rights and restrictions attached to shares in a class distinguish it from other classes.

The share structure table must show: Shares can be fully paid or partially paid.Proprietary companies must tell us of any changes to member details using a Change to company details (Form 484).Public companies do not need to supply this information.If the holder of the shares is a trustee or executor, the shares should show as not being beneficially held.This requirement does not apply to a listed company.

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