Before updating clients bios

Other solutions that I found relied on Configuration Manager Applications and Package/Programs.While these may work for specific scenarios, they cannot cover all scenarios. It’s a set of code that resides on a chip on yours system’s motherboard. A menu will open, and select BIOS setup from it Use the above given method in Method 1 to check if newer version of the BIOS is available. If you have downloaded a simple “BIOS Update Utility for Windows” file, then next to “Create a bootable disk using” select Free DOS. After extraction, uncheck “Install BIOS Utility now.” option. Paste the previously copied file path in the address bar up above.When a computer boots up, it looks in the chip for BIOS for instructions on where to find the operating system and among many other things, BIOS also further facilitates communication between the operating system and the hardware. If in the results you can see “BIOS Update Bootable CD iso” whose BIOS version is newer than you already have then download it. Copy everything form the opened folder to the USB you just made bootable. Do not turn off your computer or laptop in any case during the updating process.The Install Application and Install Package task sequence steps only run under a full operating system and not Win PE, so those methods eliminate the bare metal scenarios.

If a system is configured for UEFI (or we are doing BIOS to UEFI in a single task – yes, this is possible now), then you need to use the corresponding boot image architecture.

Newer Windows operating systems will allow Bit Locker to be suspended for x number of reboots or indefinitely.

See my previous blog, called How to detect, suspend, and re-enable Bit Locker during a Task Sequence, for more information and examples. Your best bet is to contact the vendor on how they support flashing the BIOS.

Now, there is a slight disclaimer that I need to put out there for the time being.

Because of certain limitations with some vendor systems, plus the fact that Configuration Manager can only have one boot image assigned to a task sequence and that you need to use the correct boot image architecture to boot a UEFI system, then you will need to have a separate task sequence to handle the bare metal/break fix scenarios (or better yet, pressure the vendor into supporting 64-bit Win PE).

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