Best friend dating ex husband

at all; that is not acting how a "best friend" would act.

It may or may not be "your fault" that the marriage ended; you may or may not deserve sympathy.

I'll take for granted that relationship is actually built on a mutual attraction and fondness for one another and not solely fueled by some misdirected hate towards you.

With that, what she does, or for that matter, what he does, is completely within their rights and should be without moral judgment. However, how you react is completely within your domain.

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A year after, at a community orchestra reception we played in together, she said that they decided to see if there was anything there. We even have a "couples" tattoo, an elephant on our wrists that face one another when our wrists touch.All comments that earned deltas (from OP or other users) are listed here, in /r/Delta Log.Please note that a change of view doesn't necessarily mean a reversal, or that the conversation has ended.When I split from my high school sweetheart after 11 years together, 2 years married, my maid of honor was at a bar with him making him feel better while I hauled every box and bag of stuff out to my car alone.(I had checked Find Friends and saw they were in the same gps location).

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