Bf2 stats not updating 6 25

And BTW those who r having problems saving the file with the new changes (changing all 0s to 1s)Here's a trick to save the file.

Once it is done run your game, and play *Note In the game, the weapon selection picture will remain unchanged, but when you select your weapon, and spawn point, the weapon will be the unlocked on.Mc Candless’s story from an editor at Outside magazine who had read the Associated Press piece.He deserted his family and a privileged life without looking back.Then on the open dialog, go to C://windows/System32, In that folder look for a file name "explorer" (click it) then click open. Now double click on the file (Object_Server".zip") Depending on your processor speed, it could take 15-45 seconds to open. Go to the last line, "Object Template.unlock Level 2". Now click file then SAVE AS then open the save as dialog to your desktop and open your new folder that you created in the previous step. Depending on the amount of weapons you would like to edit.Once the folder is open, open the folder "kits" (in the Object_Server file) Then click US, or wichever Category you would like to edit When you open the category, you will see 9 files you will need to edit 1-8 depending on how many weapons you would like to unlock. (To do this, right click on the US_Support file and click open with, this time though on the Application list, double click Notepad. Then right under the file name you will see a thing that says "Save as Type" click the arrow next to it, and click All Files. open the 7 other files, NOT US_KITS, but all the others and change the 2, to a 0 on all the rest, and save like others, Ok, almost half way there. Now close out everything except for the US/or the other soldiers folder and make that to about half the screen.

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