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It’s an important time in his life that may be influencing his thought process, so do be mindful.

You met on a dating site, so the intention of dating has already been established since the get-go – the conversation now must be how you both see your connection progressing. After five dates, you’ve likely swapped insights into your favourite pop culture phenomena, shared a bit about your friends and family, and begun to notice and appreciate the small things that make someone unique – their sense of humour, their quirks, their communication style.

Bi girls are so rare, cant see why it would be a problem for ya. If we were in a shop and she saw a girl she liked on the cover of Zoo, she would get it and flick through rating them out of 10.

Would also point out attractive girls in the street like a male mate would.

This is nonsense; cowardice masquerading as bravado, game-playing masked as nonchalance.

Pretending not to care about people we care about doesn’t make dating easier – it negates our ability to express ourselves openly, to seek out what we truly want.

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