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But besides Salesforce, there are now tens of thousands of software companies vying for corporate attention — and wallets.One analyst recently catalogued nearly 2,000 marketing software companies alone.Now that we are a 15 years into the software-as-a-service (Saa S) revolution, many of us in Silicon Valley are thinking hard about the next big wave in B2B software.We’re excited about many themes, including mobile enterprise, vertical Saa S and predictive analytics, but one less-obvious trend involves people power as much as computing power.After slogging through years of DIY software, the business world seems ripe for a DIFM revolution.

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The Saa S generation owes its tagline to Marc Benioff, who launched 15 years ago with the famous rallying cry, “No Software.” The idea was that businesses would no longer have to purchase, install and run software but could instead rent it as they needed it.

Dozens of startups have emerged, each tackling one slice of the small business pie: Instead of selling “software-as-a-service,” these DIFM companies are delivering “software-with-a-service.” The result is awesome customer experience that can only be delivered with a human touch.

Because of the human component, DIFM startups may take longer to scale, but once they do, they’re hard to replicate and have the potential to become huge, dominant companies.

Many CMOs are now running 50-60 distinct software tools just to manage the marketing function.

To many business end-users, all that software has become a DIY burden. In practice, big business has been relying on DIFM for decades to simplify and cut costs.

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