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Finally, just for the sake of comparison, our former coach, the Armani here in Derby Town, clocked in at ... But does a higher pace indicate a more successful team?I don't really know historically, but I can tell you that last year's final four consisted of teams that looked like this in terms of pace: UCLA (266th), Ohio State (218th), Georgetown (328th) and Florida (154th).Understandably, those who prefer a faster style of basketball than Tubby Smith coached will be very interested in this particular metric.But how did Kentucky compare with the rest of the basketball universe under Smith in the area of pace. Here are a look at some of the statistics compiled by Ken Pomeroy.The exception would seem to be UCLA, who got there on the back of the second highest defensive efficiency in the land.

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But one thing that we see in common with most successful teams is a high offensive efficiency.

Last season, after an early-season coaching shakeup that resulted in several forfeits and forced former Houston Rockets’ star Robert Reid to finish out the year as the interim coach, Ranger College struggled to a 2-23 record.

Mike De Courcy of The Sporting News has a new article out today in which he speaks to Kentucky head basketball coach Billy Gillispie.

For the former high school and college coach and the one-time head of scouting for the Hawks and New York Knicks, the most important call is the one he received a few months ago.

The one, he feels, is going to lead the young man who grew up in the projects of Detroit to “something special” as an assistant coach for the men’s basketball team in the economically-challenged community in rural Texas.“Some of friends asked me, ‘Rodney, are you really going down to Ranger with Billy Gillispie to coach at a junior college in Texas?

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