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As it referred to the glaze on the body, it was again applied under-glaze.

If the piece was then decorated in a Clarice Cliff design, a printed Bizarre mark was added on-glaze.

However, at the same time many ranges or designs such as Latona, Appliqué and Inspiration, just had the name painted above a standard Bizarre mark.

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Back stamps used from mid 1930s onwards (two on the left) and back stamps used late - 1940s, 1950s, 1960s (two on the right) Firstly, note that stamped marks were made with a rubber stamp, speedily applied to ware, so the letters are often irregular with parts missing or 'blobby'.Stamped marks continued to be used in 19, but the style of the Fantasque one evolved with Fantasque then in block letters, above a Bizarre logo, when Colley made Bizarre the umbrella title for all Clarice's ranges.More elaborate backstamps were issued crediting tile range name in block letters above a standard Bizarre mark, and these included Crocus and Gayday.From 1929 a Registration Applied For mark was applied to many of Clarice's new shapes as she was forced to register these to deter copies.As it referred to the shape this was stamped under-glaze.

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