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It has served her well for more than 20 years in the corporate world as a recruiter and human resources director.

But after going through a divorce and diving back into the dating pool 10 years ago, she discovered a new way to apply her networking and people-matching skills.

“Our work together is a continuous inquiry into who I am, what I want in a partner and what the next steps are to help me be in the relationship I desire.” Porterfield said coaching is key to getting people dating-ready.

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She and her husband had grown apart and amicably divorced. ’ ” And he always said to embrace my fears to create the kind of life I want.” Over the years, Porterfield loved pairing up friends on dates.After two terrible dates and a third with a much-older man she had nothing in common with, she felt she’d been had.“I realized pretty quick that it was all a numbers game for them and I knew I could do better,” she said.First she found a new wife for her ex-husband, then a girlfriend for her dad.Today, she’s the owner of Love By Design, a concierge-style matchmaking agency with clients all over the country.

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