Carbon dating of the shroud of without invalidating

- Benford made some misleading claims about the 1988 tape of Adler, and she claimed to have had an unlikely telephone conversation with Rossman.

Has Rossman similarly been misleading or made unlikely claims in a relevant context? I see no way to deny that Rossman has more credibility.

I intend to keep updating this thread as more information comes to light. The differences among these accounts weaken the accounts' credibility.

It should be noted that the web site I just linked contains a transcript written by somebody who videotaped D'Muhala's presentation. So, the spelling of the scientist's name can't be attributed to D'Muhala.

For an illustration of how ambiguous the differences in the accounts can be, see Thomas Case's 1994 interview with Heller and Adler (The Shroud Of Turin And The C-14 Dating Fiasco [Cincinnati, Ohio: White Horse Press, 1998], 32-3, 74-5). It seems, then, that Adler identified the individual as Jerry Wasserman.

Two times, Case asks questions based on the assumption that the two ends of the thread dated to 200 A. As we'll see below, there's somebody who comes much closer to meeting Adler's description than Rossman does, so there's no need to speculate that Rossman was being called Jerry, that Adler mispronounced Rossman's last name, etc.

And William Meacham wrote to me, "I knew her [Benford], and don't think it possible that she lied or even didn't recall the conversation correctly.

Maybe Rossman was being facetious, or deliberately misleading, who knows?

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