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Cardio kickboxing group fitness, which employ kicking and punching moves but no sandbags, has comparable intensity to jogging but works a wider range of muscles while increasing strength, flexibility and coordination.

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Kickboxing is a type of martial art whose basic moves are widely practiced in personal and group fitness regimens.

In combat kickboxing, two competitors fight using four points of contact — both hands and both feet — unlike traditional boxing, where competitors are allowed to use their hands.

These strength-building moves, mixed with high-intensity intervals, boost heart rate and increase strength. It works your whole body and really gets your heart pounding.

Kickboxing combines upper- and lower-body movements like roundhouse kicks and uppercut punches that boost calorie burning.

As with any fitness regimen, the more effort you put in, the more results you will get.

The type of kickboxing you do will determine how physically challenging it is.

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