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Hopefully, knowing this will serve as a reminder to all of us, myself included, to make an extra effort to show up in person and to maintain face-to-face connections with loved ones and relatives who are older than us. If you'd like to read more on this topic, check out my I write journals for myself all the time and it makes me feel better.

This is especially important for any family members past 70 years of age. I know people who text and do social media all day and it makes them feel better.

The study also found that when comparing face-to-face social contact between family members vs.

friends that the link to reduced depression changes as we get older.

But nothing truly alleviates depression like having a conversation in person, face-to-face.

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According to Erikson, from age 65 to death, the psychosocial focus is on ego integrity vs. In many ways, it seems logical that our evolutionary biology would make the bonds with family stronger in the final stages of life.

A new study suggests that the mental health benefits of regular face-to-face social interactions—especially among older adults—can reduce the risk of depression.

The October 2015 study, "Does Mode of Contact with Different Types of Social Relationships Predict Depression Among Older Adults?

You might be especially afraid of your family or friends finding out. But if you're worried about talking to them, you can always talk to us to get support.

It might seem easier to keep the pregnancy to yourself. The sooner you talk to someone about your pregnancy, the more options you'll have about what to do. If you decide that having your baby is the right option for you, there's support out there for you. Or get advice on getting support as a young parent on Family Lives.

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