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Cabrina Collesides , a vigilante, completes her mission.Only problem is she has 20 minutes to get to her next target and its going to be a ...

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The hints of trouble began piling up in Fall and over Christmas and New Year’s, it seems clear from the social media timeline of both actors that they have split.It has been 17 weeks since either actor posted a photo of them together.Bryan posted a pic of himself alone at home playing video games with his dogs, photos of himself and guy friends, and photos from the set of his new movie Ride, but nothing of Kelly with him since September 3 on a date.When he broke his foot in November, Bryan posted a Snapchat about how his mom was taking care of him while he was injured. The answer seems to be in Texas with her family and then in New York starting a brand new life with no engagement ring on her hand.On Kelly’s Instagram, her last photo of her with Bryan was on September 2 around the same time as Bryan’s last shared couple’s photo.

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