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I would strongly recommend searching the Archives of Cons Dist List as the subject of consolidating bones has been dealt with in useful detail in recent years, including considerations of the reasons for treating bone and the analytical problems this may cause.

The most useful article on this subject is: "The consolidation of archaeological bone" by Stephen P.

For dry bone I use Paraloid (Acryloid) B72, a mixture of ethyl methacrylate and methyl acrylate dissolved in acetone or a suitable mix of solvents.

For damp or wet bone I have used a colloidal dispersion of a similar resin, Primal (Acrysol) WS-24 in water.

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You can view the data of an individual company by filtering the SAP Business One financial reports in the Branch Code field of the consolidation company.Rail fares would rise 10 cents at rush hour and 25 cents off-peak, including an increase for the maximum rush-hour fare to and the maximum off-peak fare to .85. Express Bus fares would rise to .25 and airport express buses to Dulles and BWI-Marshall would rise to .25.Overall, Metro hopes the fare increase will raise million, even after accounting for a possible decrease in ridership due to the fare hikes and service cuts.Describes three goals that a project manager must meet to achieve a successful project: manage the workflow in order to complete the project; manage the expectations of the client; and maintain a standard of excellence.Discusses how to use the "Project Plan,""Meeting Report," and "Status Report" as tools for coordinating, planning, and conveying pertinent information.

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