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Extra urgency has no doubt been lent by the Swedish government which told GM (and by implication, Ford) not to expect a single öre, and to get on with it, or get out.The Swedish paper Dagens Industri yesterday carried a report that there are four serious suitors for Volvo: China’s Changan, China’s Dongfeng, and–surprise–France’s Renault.It is often leveled as a criticism in attractive people that they don’t have very strong personalities because they have traded on their looks for too long.Conversely, a conventionally unattractive person can often have a strong and interesting personality to make up for the lack of attractiveness in a physical sense.Ford’s Volvo has been on the block–excuse us, “strategic review”–for a while now, both unofficially and officially.

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Ford is reported to be asking between b to b for Volvo, much less than the .4b they paid.

Beauty tends to rub off on those around it, so if we associate ourselves with what we consider are good looks we immediately feel good about ourselves also.

Most of us are not models and therefore we tend not to meet those who are but we notice it in the things around us.

(Not accounting for inflation or counting all the money they “invested.”) At the end of the day, Ford will have to take what the market will bear.

As reported by TTAC, the unidentified suitor might be China’s Chery.

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