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"If you (the village) buy that, you're more naive than I thought you were," said one resident Annexation would have provided the archdiocese and the Pedersons' E-l zoning, which allows one residential unit per acre. By current law, annexation must be made as the most restrictive residential zone, which is E-l, or one residential unit per acre.Many neighboring landowners have five acres or more and explained that they enjoyed their rural lifestyle. village has a comprehensive plan in place that has not been updated since 1991. E-l zoning could potential- ly cause more dense growth In the area— something which Lake County Board member Judy Martini strongly opposes.Engmark took a large rock and threw it through the front door. Engmark broke into the cash register with a crowbar taken from his car. They spent about five minutes in the store, then sat in the car for five minutes trying to decide what to do next Mehaffey said Engmark convinced him that his nervousness was a "rush" from the break-in.Engmark stated that the register was empty, but that he took a foam cup with in dimes from the counter. Engmark convinced Mehaffey to break into another store. Adventure dub for Kids, Adult Bible Study Salurday Evening 6 00 p m Monday Evening Bible Study prn Thursday Evening PTSD Support Group p m Senior Pastor Tom Bartmer, Dan Dugenske, Director This Directory Presented As A Community Service By Strang Funeral Home of Antioch Now YOU can get your money when YOU need it !

"You're assuming we don't have impact fees, but we do," said Shine- flug. to scout master Randy Bernhardt, the group has been holding this event for five years now. First Natiom Bank National Bank-Employee Owned 485 Lake Street, Antioch • 36044 N.On the evening of April 17, more than 60 residents gathered near the tree and placed yellow ribbons around hoping to persuade develop- ers to save the tree from removal.Pingel passed out 92 flyers inform- ing the community of the gathering." "You've got to handle stuff on a case-by-case basis," responded village attorney Ken Qark.Officials began discussing the option of a pre-annexation agree- ment, which failed. Trustees Lawrence Hanson, Ronald Cunning- ham and Porch voted for it while Dorothy Larson, Wayne Foresta and Marvin Oldenburger voted against it Mayor Marflyri Shineflug refused to ' Please see LAND f A4 ■ ■ I Mike Ray, a resident of the Woods of Antioch subdivision, ties a yellow ribbon to an oak tree, believed to be about 250 years old, as a symbol to area developers to leave the tree standing.

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