Dating a girl with a baby daddy

Just rasie the baby as your own and move on she shouldn't even want her child around him Just act like he doesn't exist until he gets it together.

misery loves company and th e lord needs to deal with him all alone so get out of his way to you and your girlfriend.

You know the name of the game fool yo babys mama chose me now we can handle it like gentlemen or we can get into some gangsta sh88t dont let the smooth look fool ya boi my dad didnt raise no punks and my mama didnt raise no ***** so if we gonna do it do it....

Hey I hope you read this, even though this was posted a while ago.

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He calls her everyday and leaves voicemails callin her baby, and everything.

Now don't get me wrong, I have NO problem what-so-ever holdin my own if it comes to that, because I know that the instant he sees me he's gonna want to fight me. But even if I put him in the hospital, it wont phase him, so I know physical violence will get me nowhere.

He was recently literally hospitalized because he stole 3000 from the safe of the girl he was dating about 3 months ago and she told her brothers and cousins. There are probably people who want to kill him because he owes them money. He is staying at someones duplex, we dont know who's, but its definitely not his. so unless your girlfriend is asking for help, you really should just back off.

When she drops her son off, if she forgets to leave her purse at home, he'll find a way to steal her wallet somehow because he likes to act like he's going to get his son out of the carseat, but actually sit in the front seat and harass her.

Sometimes he tries to take the keys out of the ignition, etc. Of course since he has no job, he has child support ordered on him, but hasn't paid a dime.

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