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Tebow once appeared in an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl.In the ad, Tebow and his mother told the story of how his mother chose not to have an abortion, leading to Tebow existing today.She also advocates for life as the honorary chairwoman of Feminists for Life, a pro-woman, pro-life group that works to find solutions to abortion that affirm the dignity of women.One of the main reasons for her pro-life advocacy is that she supports women.When asked about the abortion in a previous Rolling Stone interview, he said his only emotion was one of gratitude.“[If June and Ethel had been] of less character, I never would have gotten to live.Bieber has been very vocal in the media about his anti-abortion stance.In a 2011 interview, when asked about abortion, Bieber said, “I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby.” Today, Justin’s mom also speaks publically and is open about her story in hopes that she can be an influence to others who are in similar situations.

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But they couldn’t follow through it and brought their little son into the world.

The actress often uses her Twitter page to speak out for unborn babies.

It’s hard to not admire NFL quarterback Tim Tebow for his faith on and off the field.

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