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Make sure the shirt is big enough and long enough to cover your basketball tummy.Then, it’s up to you and your wife to decide whether you should button one of the buttons to finalize the Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire) If you’re a guy over 40, there’s a high statistical probability that you have no clue about what types of casual clothes you should be wearing... Rule 1: Real Men Don’t Live in Baseball Caps You think a baseball cap makes you look like a kid, but if you’re wearing a baseball cap, you might as well be wearing Mickey Mouse ears.the kinds of styles that will keep you from looking like an old dork. (If you’re a Portland hipster, you already have your own set of fashion rules, so go away). Clothing for Guys over 40, 50, 60 or Whatever There are ways to look laid back without looking like a dufus, however you might need to get some new laid-back clothing for those times when you want to look casual, but polished... It’s time to man up and admit to yourself that you’re a mature adult and you’re probably never going to play left field for the Boston Red Sox.I'm sure my husband will be happy to know that I'm bugging other people's husbands as much as I bug my own.If you think I'm wrong, let me know at the bottom of the page in the comment section or give me a Google Plus.Maybe you’ve just retired and you’ve finally had the chance to burn all your suits and ties. It’s time to put your baseball cap in the back of the closet. I don’t like telling you this stuff, but someone has to do it.

Clark holds a bachelor's degree in political science.Can you tolerate being a football widow during the fall season? As for duds, pay attention to a guy's grooming, clothing and overall appearance. Turn your feet toward his, or maybe twirl a strand of your hair while listening, which you may end up doing subconsciously anyway if you dig the guy.Just as you would pay attention to his grooming, pay attention to your own. Studies show women in red clothing are more likely to pique the interest of men, while men who wear blue are more appealing to women. Leave some cleavage to the imagination and save the slit skirts for at least the third date. A whiff is alluring, but don't marinate in your eau de whatever.Now, it’s bad enough that they were wearing shorts… as in, "Why does that guy have marshmallows on his feet? and if you’re wearing shorts and black socks, you’d better be standing on your freaking mega-yacht…or no one will be talking to you except the Chinese tour guide who expects a tip.

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