Dating depression and dirtbags a love story

From J Date to Holy Communion to Ricky’s Strip Club, Elza explores all the venues where NOT to meet a potential suitor.She learns the hard way about the new war on terror in NYC...Moments are touching and others are funny, but one gets the sense that it may as yet be too soon for the writer/performer to present with abandon more "Through all the humor and heartache, Zagreda seems to be telling us how invaluable friends and family are when is comes to healing from absolute heartbreak.DATING..asks the proverbial question: “Um, have you seen what’s out there?

I am thankful that he puts up with my random periods of irritability.

I for one enjoyed the show and encourage anyone who has been the unfortunate victim of their own DB (and who hasn’t at one point or another...

read more "Director Joan Kane cautiously and expertly coaches her actor, encouraging her to dig deep and share her most painful memories with the audience.

Never let anyone tell you that you should smile more, fix your hair, or wear more color.

Never let anyone makes you feel bad about what you can’t always control.

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