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As social historians and scholars of occult movements begin to study La Vey's life and times in an objective historical context, a wealth of information concerning the man beneath the Devil horns has come to light.

This brief checklist is a concise guide to separating the deliberate prevarications from the human, all-too-human facts.

SOURCES: Diane La Vey, Paul Valentine (Wright, "SD", page #68), Harry Lipton (Aquino-Lipton conversation 12/1/82), Robert Slatzer (letter to Aquino 11/27/82), Edward Webber (interview by Aquino 6/2/91).

LEGEND: ASL was exposed to the savagery of human nature during his stint as a San Francisco Police photographer in the early 1950s.

REALITY: ASL's grandmother was not Transylvanian nor of Gypsy stock.

She was a Ukrainian named Cecile Luba Primokov-Coulton ("Coulton" was Anglicized from "Koltonoff"). There the teenaged ASL was shown top-secret films inspired by Satanic cult lodges and their rituals.

LEGEND: Claimed that "Anton Szandor La Vey" was his genuine birth name. SOURCES: Birth certificate 4/11/1930, Cook County, Illinois. LEGEND: Claimed his parents were Joseph and Augusta La Vey. SOURCES: Birth certificate 4/11/1930, Cook County, Illinois.

I guess that makes me about as close to what the Devil's supposed to be, as anyone. His curious celebrity was based largely on a self-created legend.

This carefully-orchestrated legend may, in the final analysis, be La Vey's most enduring legacy.

On October 30, 1977, three intrepid youths travel across the American landscape, researching a book on unusual roadside attractions.

During one pit-stop they encounter petrol station owner Captain Spaulding (exploitation legend This grisly tale of mayhem reunites the homicidal members of the Firefly Family as they go on a rampage of senseless slaughter, pursued by a pair of sadistic bounty hunters and an outlaw sheriff hell-bent on revenge.

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