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All right, so without inhibition, who is the hottest female athlete? Hey, I'm telling you, this could be a hefty advantage on draft day.

And, I feel like, for me, what I bring to the table and what I offer to a team is a winning quarterback, a solid quarterback that has been successful at the highest level for multiple years. [laughing] Oh yeah, that's certainly right up there.

By Mary Buckheit Page 2Last month, voters dubbed NFL draft prospect Matt Leinart the Hottest Male Athlete of the Year. The So Cal stud stands 6-foot-5, weighs a chiseled 225 (when he's not holding his Heisman) and has sprinkled touchdown passes and national titles all over the sunny streets of La La Land.

I've realized that's what it comes to -- people talking. Nah, I don't think I can fill anybody's shoes; I'll just be me.Let's see, I was with my agent, and my publicist called, and we were all having this discussion about things that weren't necessarily good. Think you could best all of those guys on the catwalk? Actually, they had me and Reggie [Bush] do a little catwalk thing not too long ago, so I have a little bit of experience. I can get dolled up and have some fun from time to time, but I'm a freaking sweats-and-shorts kind of guy! All those basketball players come to mind, you know? Then, all of a sudden, my publicist said, "Buh-ht, Matt was voted's Hottest Male Athlete today." I just started laughing. You didn't put your hand to your mouth and tear up? It's just something that I would never expect to win. They are always forgiving of other people's mistakes, which at times can translate to naivete and gullibility. Continue to the next page to see Matt Leinart’s dating history, past relationships and full bio. Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.

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