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“And then, when the tsunami spreads inland, it carries sand with it into these peat bogs, and so you get this sort of peat-sand-peat sandwich.” By using radiocarbon dating and further analysis of these sand layers, the geologists were able to conclude that the sand came from oceanic sources and determined the approximate times when the tsunamis inundated the islands.

Based on their findings, the geologists concluded that the bays were inundated by large tsunamis at least eight times in the last 2,000 years.

We hope our thoughts will help you plan a truly amazing Hawaiian vacation!

Snorkel – The Big Island is the best place to snorkel and scuba dive in Hawaii, in my opinion.

Witter said both sites appeared for the most part to be inundated at the same time, by tsunamis triggered by the same fault shift.

“We really had no idea how often tsunamis were generated here (on the Aleutians),” Witter said, explaining that the findings challenge an existing theory that certain types of plate boundaries are less prone to hazardous seismic disruptions.

That same quake generated 75-foot waves on the Pacific shores of Umnak Island.

However today we are discussing the Island of Hawaii… The namesake for the entire chain of islands, and state.

If you love to snorkel there are shops in all tourist areas where you can rent snorkel equipment for as long as you need it.

Of the major islands, I’m sure you’ve considered visiting Oahu to see Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, and the famous North Shore. Then there’s the luxurious island of Maui, with tons of shopping and activities.

Although Hawaii (The Big Island) receives less annual visitors than Oahu and Maui, that doesn’t means it has less to offer.

Instead, you go to the Island of Hawaii to experience raw nature in action and plentiful ocean life.

Yes, the other islands have natural beauty in surplus.

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