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Its nearest sizable neighbours are Aberfeldy and Kenmore.Its Gaelic name is Fartairchill, which may be translated as something like: "Escarpment Church", i.e.Other sites include Fortingall stone circle, standing stones including the Bridge of Lyon, 'four-poster' stone settings, 'ring-forts' (massive Iron Age house enclosures), many cup and ring marked stones (including one dug-up, and preserved, in the churchyard) and an extremely well-preserved medieval homestead moat, thought by early antiquarians to be of Roman origin because of its regular shape.Fortingall parish (now linked with Glenlyon) is one of the largest on Scotland, and takes in Glen Lyon, notable for its mountain scenery and many archaeological sites, the country's longest enclosed glen or mountain valley.The Fortingall Yew is an ancient tree in its own walled enclosure within the village churchyard.Its age is estimated to be between 30 years, and it may be the oldest living tree – perhaps even the oldest living thing – in Europe.The attractive white-harled parish church (built 1901-02), notable for its fine woodwork, is open in summer.

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Im Jackie, 45 soon to be 46, and really would be nice to just meet for a drink and see if any chemistry after all this is a dating site.A permanent display on the cross-slabs and the early church was recently installed in the building.Fortingall has one of the largest collections of early medieval sculpture in Scotland.The attractive village of Fortingall, with its large hotel adjoining the churchyard, was built 1890-91 by shipowner and Unionist MP, Sir Donald Currie (1825–1909), who bought the Glenlyon Estate, including the village, in 1885.It was designed by the architect James M Mac Laren (1853–90) and built by John Mc Naughton.

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