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In short, formjacking is the way in which criminals steal credit card data from forms in webshops in order to be able to siphon off the money.

The way Source Defence found out about the problem was when he himself wrote software for a bank’s website and once inside, he figured: this is actually just a hack.

“With that insight and the solution we came up with, our start-up was born.

That was three years ago, when nobody was aware of this problem yet.

Suppose that Coca Cola Amsterdam want to build their own accelerator, they do not have the expertise. We’re working with global mentors and with investors from all over the world.

In Israel, the first steps have already been taken with local colleges where pupils had to establish their own start-up as part of the examination program.”Maybe Superup isn’t even such a special start-up, just a builder of super-fast e-commerce apps, until you look at the location.

The warning comes from Symantec, the world leader in cyber security.

And indeed, anyone who scans specialized websites will see that formjacking in 2019 is the way for cybercriminals to get rich quickly.

Have a vegan cappuccino on Rothschild Boulevard, or a roasted cauliflower in the Miznon culi snack bar on King George Street.Our system – which uses artificial intelligence in combination with cameras and a scale – is a lot cheaper and much more user-friendly.Scan & Go costs 2 cashiers per year, has a payback period of less than 18 months and will generate a lot of money afterwards.Above a slightly dilapidated shop is – inconspicuously – a cyber security company.The CEO shows his office with two turntables and apologizes for the possibility of some loud music being heard in the interview room from time to time. Officially, the Israeli coastal city lies on the Asian part of the Mediterranean Sea.

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