Dating omega pocket watch

Gold watches may have the gold carat content within the logo, or they may have a number like .585 for 14-karat gold.

Gold-filled or gold-plated pocket watchcases were common.

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There are three or four logos used on silver to identify the country of origin and date.

Gold marks are often in logo form as well; the crown and sometimes the rose are the indicators of English gold.

Look at the entire pocket watch before establishing a date.

Check for hallmarks on a sterling silver or gold case.

Pocket watches are relics from the past for many, and a convenient way of checking time for a few.

The cellphone has replaced the pocket watch as a timepiece for most, but horology, the study of time and timepieces, continues to fascinate collectors.

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Whether you’re an avid watch collector or just an individual interested in the history of the pocket watch, there’s a long and interesting story behind how one of the world’s most popular accessories came into existence ) and have incorporated new types of technology to make them more accurate.

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