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Could we say – I am asking – that this photo tells the essential story of corrupt politicians buying themeselves one decade of doubtful fame and glory, while the bankers clapping their greedy hands, are buying themselves five more decades of government protection from being hung from a lamppost by a huge angry mob of people, who’s wealth they stole and who’s life they destroyed. that a NATO general in the 90s was arrested by Dutch police with secure evidence of drug-related money laundry in the order of 25 billion $, spend a month in jail for it, and then suddenly he was released and unabashedly continued his military career?

that three World Wars were predicted iand precisely described n the late 1800s by the leader of the masonic network, Albert Pike, and that the third World War was to be between the West and Islam leading to the extermination of Christianity and the formation of a World Government controlled by this network?

that Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior was personnally involved and proven instrumental to extensive CIA-organized drug transports and subsequent money-laundry between Central America and the Mena, Arkansas?

that it was Bill Clintons repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act (the mandatory separation of venture capitalism and private banking after the banker-manipulated Wall Street Crack in 1929)) in the late 1980s that made the derivative scam and Financial Crisis in 2008 possible?

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Det gør de, fordi de vil have økonomisk sikkerhed, en sød mand, en god fremtid og kan lide et godt eventyr. Som resultat kommer der flere og flere polske kvinder i Danmark, og det bliver nemmere at møde polske kvinder i Danmark. Læs videre herunder, for at få svaret - og find derudover også kontakt til polske kvinder & damer. De er intelligente, sjove, bryder sig ikke om drama – og så er defaktisk rigtig glade for intimitet og nærhed - selvom de ikke bryder sig om at vise for meget hud, ifht. Polske piger kan godt lide sex (ligesom de fleste kvinder kan), og vil gerne have et stabilt forhold uden alt for meget drama.that the incidents that brought the United States into the two world wars: the sinking of the Lusitania and the attack on Pearl Harbor, were events of staged self mutilation organized by the Transatlantic Elite, and that both incidents and their connection to the respective governments and their former state leaders are fully documented and even granted under the table?that the Spanish-American War, the Vietnam War, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq war, the Libya War, the Syria War, the Ukraine War and numerous other wars with US involvement have been arranged in the exact same way of staging an act of self mutilation also known in standard military strategy as Stand-down Operation False Flag?that in addition to strategic nuclear weapons with depleted uranium there has been used a number of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction also with Danish non-protesting consensus thus making the Danish population co-responsible of severe war crimes?that in the prison camps in Rhine Delta over 1 million German prisoners of war died of starvation, even though there were no food shortages, disease, although there was no drug shortages and lack of shelter for a month, though there was no shortage of tents – all under privy responsibility and full knowledge of US president Roosevelt and general Eisenhower?

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