Dating profile tips for guys

Guys, we all know that online dating can be hard and frustrating.

Sometimes its just plain hard to get a date online; you don’t get any matches; no messages; no dates.

The unfortunate reality is that women not only have to figure out if they think you’re hot and interesting, they also have to make sure you’re not an ax murderer.

That’s why more pictures that show who you really are through hobbies and in different environments can help her feel confident in setting up a date. Show a picture that she’s not used to seeing on dating profiles. These can be action shots where you’re moving, like cliff jumping, rock climbing or giving a presentation.

For brown eyes, it can look really cool to have light reflecting in them. If you can make your eyes stand out in some way, you’ll stand out.

And it’s your greatest line of defense against being swiped left.

It’s good to have more than one photo that showcase different strengths in each category, so add them!

She should feel like she knows a little about you before the first date.

When women find your profile, they’ll be able to connect with you on a deeper level.

If they like what they see, then there’s a good chance they’re a good match for you.

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