Dating telling her how you feel

Most girls have a sweet spot of that sincerely “quirky” guy that likes to smile and have fun, according to the experts at anyway.

If you tease her you’re telling her straight up you want to be with her; that you are into her.

When you remind her that you are thankful you are friends, this just keeps the door open for something more.

The easiest way to ruin a great thing is to insert pressure.

With my past girls, when I was talking to them, I would just like zone out and be like "when will she quit talking" but with her, I listened to everything she said. Just hearing her voice or feeling her like when she hugged me when she left was enough to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Her eyes are beautiful, she has a cute face, and she's pretty much the prettiest girl I know. We're talking again but she's got a boyfriend now and it just hurts me so much to know that they're together. I just don't know Would just telling her how I feel be a bad idea?

What’s VIP is how much she likes YOU, not how much you fancy her.

That means you are on board with your communication and it’s time to open up a little more.

Ask Men relationship experts agree it’s tough to tell a hottie you want to be more than friends, agreed?

I know I’m guilty of this mistake, thinking the more I like this girl the more she should like me back and not bust my heart into a zillion pieces. It doesn’t matter one teensy bit how much you like her because liking her more isn’t going to magically make her like you back. A girl can’t force herself to like you, at least not long-term and no matter what that scenario is going to end in disaster; trust me please.

First things first because it’s time for you to take action to get your girl.

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