Dating vintage gucci purse

The below brown Jackie bag was looking very worn upon arrival, one of the handles had even snapped off! So the team gave the Gucci handbag a Full Clean, Handle Replacement x2, Corner Repair x4 and a Colour Restoration.After the experts had worked their magic on this Gucci handbag, people had no idea of its previous condition…

Luckily, here at The Handbag Spa, we offer a specialist Nubuck Clean treatment.

It was definitely in need of our restoration expertise to transform the bag back to its former glory.

It underwent our Gucci Handbag Cleaning, Corner Repairs and Colour Restoration treatments here at The Handbag Spa.

Afterwards undertaking a Colour Touch Up treatment to freshen up the brown colour of the leather trim.

Have a designer nappy bag in need of a specialist clean?

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