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Captain black Royal is my first choice never miss a chance to enjoy this blend good balance of vanilla.Most people over look this as just a drug store tobacco. Very similar to CB White but with a more refined Vanilla taste that never bit and was always sweet.As fine an aromatic as you'll find anywhere on the market today, Captain Black stayed true to form with Royal.If you want to feel superior and cool go bid on some penzence on e Bay.If you want a cool, tasty smoke grab a pouch of captain black royal at the gas station and enjoy smoking your pipe!I will say in its defense that it is a bit better than the other Grade Z pipe tobaccos available at the drugstore--namely Prince Albert (which is rancid stuff).

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This is one of the drug store blends I started with when I bought my first Grabow.

My question is if captain black is so bad, why does it sell so well? I love the white, gold and dark also but royal is the one I always come back to.

The flavor is mild with some vanilla and molasses but you can still taste some tobacco.

Soft hints of vanilla and perhaps some chocolate and caramel, subtle rather than overboard like many aromatics nowadays. Smokes nicely in my Big Ben which has a slightly wider bore and therefore easy airflow. In any event, there is so much better tobacco out there that I don't see any reason to touch this ever again.

With all the increases in tobacco taxes, it's not even that cheap anymore!

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