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In the end, that speculation proved to be no match for actual facts, and Castro was burned.2005 - Robin had previously proposed resurrecting an old Canseco card and ‘injecting’ it, although she was vague about how that would be accomplished.As a result, we kept it simple and burned Barry Bonds.2009 - The league voted to burn A-Rod.There was also a lot of momentum for burning another Future Wax bad boy, rapist Ramon Castro.Some tried to argue creatively that, if it hadn’t been for the steroids, Bonds would be a rapist too.Some more tidbits: David Ortiz was the MVP in 30 of the series. In real life David Ortiz was 7 for 29 (.241), with 2 homers and 4 rbis (1 BB and 1 2B) in the World Series, his SOMBILLA swan song, not exactly MVP material.Certainly, had he performed as well as the 30 David Ortiz’s who won World Series MVP awards in this simulation (including perhaps hitting a 2-run homer in the 7 inning of game 7 to take a 4-3 lead in his last SOMBILLA at bat, instead of just missing and hitting a double [in which Ramos got thrown out at the plate]), it would have made a nice poetic ending to a great season and a great career. Combining this with the first study, it’s safe to say that North Dakota was the better team .

2000 - Nominations were received for John Rocker, Al Martin, Daryl Strawberry, and Bobby Chouinard, the most number of nominations ever.

(Robin adds that Ryan Braun is the early front-runner for next year’s burning – only because ‘banned for life’ A-Rod won’t have a card). It also featured my thinking that Bernard Gilkey had hit a go-ahead 3-run homer in the 8 inning of game 6, only to learn (after yelling and leaping around the room like a maniac) from Andrew, calmly sitting there waiting for me to return, that I had been looking on the wrong side of Gilkey’s card. And (again) which team was really better, North Dakota or Future Wax? A one-run loss in the finale, which could have gone either way, missing a 1-16 HR chance, yada, yada, yada. In 2000 games, North Dakota won 1119 and Future Wax won 881, a .560 winning percentage.

overall, I wanted to verify if that was indeed a record and decided to turn it into a study. round Most likely to draft a retread in first two rounds : Eric has done it five times Most likely to be chagrined at having former cut redrafted in first two rounds: Jeff and Robin (4) Most likely to redraft own player in first two rounds: Eric and Robin, 1 each Who has had the most players redrafted, period? Here are the totals for the past 5 drafts (2014-2018) 1. Like the Red Sox “Which team was really better, North Dakota or Future Wax? To try to answer those questions, I played North Dakota against Future Wax on the trusty Strat-O computer for 1000 games, both before and after the big ransom trades. So, I pitted the two teams against each other for 2000 games. Certainly statistically significant evidence that North Dakota was indeed the better team. North Dakota did finish in first place, 4 games and 71 percentage points ahead of Future Wax.

Of Future Wax’s 37 series wins: 11 were won in 7 games 15 were won in 6 games 10 were won in 5 games And only 1 was a 4 game sweep.

So, overall, 34, or 1/3, went to 7 games as did the one in real life.

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