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If you have followed the steps in my previous post you might have your zone database files in /etc/bind/zones.

We will start by copying the files so we have a backup remaining if anything goes wrong: 1.1 Copy the zone database files: We now need to add the key to the bind configuration and tell it what zones that we want it to allow updates on.

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But I didn’t want this and I’m not going to update these files that often that it matters for me.The dynamic update client registers an address resource record (A RR). the DHCP server can be configured to instruct the client to allow the server to register both records with the DNS.Statically configured (non-DHCP) clients register both the A RR and the PTR RR with the DNS server themselves.Please let me know if you know of a better solution.When using the dnssec-keygen to generate the secret key I passed it the parameter “-r /dev/urandom”.

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