Document dating in forensic science

American Board of Forensic Anthropology: Students, graduates and working professionals can find a broad range of information available on this site.This includes reasons for entering the field, a listing of schools providing specific programs in forensic anthropology (as opposed to just anthropology), and steps to take to become ABFA-board certified.That can be six to 10 years of schooling, useful information for those considering a degree program in the field. Forensic Anthropology Consulting Services, Inc.: There are 206 bones in the human body and every one of them tells a story as Dr.Frederick Snow, owner of this website, purports on his home page.The good news is that help is out there for those who need it, and there are more scholarships available than ever before.

Further your forensic knowledge and help continue the advancement of forensic research today.

The laboratory has two document examiners who primarily undertake privately funded casework.

Reports are prepared for a variety of courts, both Civil and Criminal in the UK and abroad.

The field of nuclear forensics requires extensive scientific knowledge, including familiarity with various nuclear and radiation processes, as well as some degree of investigative skill.

Duties might require going into the field to measure isotopes, searching for other traces, and then spending time in the lab analyzing information and comparing data to other known nuclear signatures.

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