Dynamic fade inline updating yellow

If you need very small text captions, consider creating custom captions.If you are resizing a text caption, you cannot make the caption smaller than the bitmap used to create the caption.Actions that generate text captions include the following: selecting menus and menu items; pressing buttons; changing values in locations such as lists, combo boxes, or check boxes; and opening child windows.

However, any of the caption bitmaps can be made larger.

For example, the text caption style “Pill” uses bitmaps sized approximately 18 pixels (wide) x 16 pixels (high), so these bitmaps could not be resized to 15 x 12 pixels.

However, any of the text caption bitmaps can be made larger.

Adobe Captivate lets you add multiple captions to each slide.

You can specify the order in which these captions appear using the Timeline.

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