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Unfortunately Clear couldn't figure out where the ship had originated, not that it would help since it was never going to move. She enters a building that she recognised to be a refuelling station. She has seen Martians of different colours but her colour seemed to be the most common. They then ignored Clear and none of them spoke as they waited for the ship to reach their destination. He was created for the sole purpose of leading the empire's navy and conquering the entire galaxy." Clear: "Created? Some of the more powerful admirals of the empire saw a sinking ship and decided to grasp power and maintain order within their own sectors. " Londris: "Like a couple of perfect, polished asteroids..." She almost stumbles over in a mix of anger and shock. The man shrinks from the weapon and closes his eyes to block out the horror of what might come. Big, smooth, round and goes on forever..." This time Londris isn't around to protect her honour and Clear can't attack them for fear of being struck down. A series of tactical screens appeared on the window, including one live stream from inside the shuttle headed to the planet. Clear thinks it had cleared up a little since she was down there but it is still thick and heavy. The Stormtroopers carbines fire red streaks into the crowd of people, while they fire green bolts in return. They are very tall, standing several heads above Captain Londris, but they are also slow and lumbering. Protruding from their elbows, shoulders, knees appears to be bone carapace. However there are flecks of bright yellow all over the ship, as though it were peeling off with age. Strang: "Apparently the designer of the empire's capital ships had a thing for cheese wedges. However her own ship was little more than a big, broken box so she had no right to criticise in that regard. How about we hunt down your absconded spacecraft, my little flower? Lock onto the most recent and set a course." Crew began to work and Strang turns to her again. Yet she feels it is his own will and desire to execute hostages. However her excitement turns to surprise as she realises the engines are powers down. Clear: "I think I should get over there." Strang: "I'll have Captain Londris escort you at once." She notes that the man doesn't offer to accompany her himself. I shall see you again once we arrive at the repair yard..." ---------- Clear is now in the Command Centre. She isn't sure the Galactic Empire has robots though. She had noticed the lights in her bedroom had been turned on already, but none of the corridors. After a couple years training I was stationed aboard The Excellence as a grunt soldier.

These stations were used to refuel the vehicles and are normally the best places for Clear to get some fuel for The Hopeless. Some were entirely pink, while she has also seen some with green skin. Today is going to be a long day if she can't find some fuel... ---------- Clear is seated in a small box-room that is brightly lit. The door, just in time, falls off the machine with a loud metallic clang as it strikes the floor. And I wasn't headed anywhere." Strang: "Where was your ship bound? Londris: "We'll see just how big your brain is when I splatter it all over the floor." Strang: "Now now. Londris is there with her team again, all wearing their cloaks. The pilot's skill seems sub-par based on how much the craft jerks as it lands. A map on the window displays the larger structure, which Clear had seen on the radar when she was down there, and the troops' position. She hears Londris yelling at the people in the room to get down on the ground and surrender. Those being attacked look unarmoured and non-military. She feels bad for them as they remind her of herself hiding out on The Hopeful. Their bodies are relatively squat and their neck almost merges with their heads. I suppose you rarely get to taste anything quite so delicate." Clear: "Sorry. At least the drink is making everything more tolerable by numbing her senses. He seemed like any other self-serving human with his warped and self-interested moral compass. Now he is a murderer, a bigot and a man to bark orders but never get his own hands dirty. He calculated that their shape would make the perfect vehicle for war. They watch as the shuttle docks and Londris' men drag the human from it. " As much as she hates him, that seems like a fantastic idea and she nodded eagerly. Strang: "I must confess, I am most interested in seeing this ship of yours, my dear. Not only are they powered down but they are covered by strange green tendrils. Two Stormtroopers come in to take her down to the docking bay where Strang assured her Londris and her team would be waiting. Clear: "I'm glad we have an understanding." Londris hands Clear a pair of goggles that the Salmitton puts on. She guesses that the Stormtroopers all have night-vision in their helmet's visors. Nor does it mean I should forgive you for murdering people and leaving me to die on an ice planet." Part of Wai's head is open and she can see his brain whirring inside as though he is thinking, slowly. The medic tried to get her to remain in the medical centre, but she was adamant she wanted to see the shipyard. I think the first thing to do will be to remove that threat." Clear: "Wai seems harmless for now..." Pully: "He conspired to kill Captain Londris..." Clear: "I... Not a single one seemed to be aboard The Excellence, save the occasional droid but she, like many, could hardly consider them the equivalent of a real robot. Instead Clear switches a torch on her wrist device to illuminate the passage. You can see where people get Pully from." Clear: "That's kind of a hard name." Pully: "Respectfully, Sir, any name is going to seem hard to a woman whose name is just 'Clear'." Clear: "Fair enough. " Pully: "What, you think I came out of the womb wearing this armour? Then came the news that Admiral Thrawn had been executed by the people of Earth.

But truthfully, Clear didn't know much about Earth, nevermind its countries. She wouldn't have done if she wasn't still woozy from drinking last night. There's a similar winking sound and then the strange accent of Hebedee, the ship's current mechanic. Apparently hoping really hard didn't mean someone else wouldn't blow you up. Clear rose her arms in appreciation of the mellow, chilling music that blared in her room. She tossed the bottle onto the pile of empties and snatched up a new one. The group stop in the middle of nowhere and one of the soldiers reveals a wrist-mounted device which he pushes a few times. Let us retrieve your ship and see if we can put a stop to your rogue A. Perhaps we could even refit your old relic into a sensible state of repair? The stars elongate into streaks as the craft jumps. When they emerge from warp Clear is granted a wondrous view of a planet with a strange glowing halo protruding from the upper half of it. Warlord Strang: "Captain Londris was one of a kind. She feels that she's losing the one thing that belongs to her all over again. Can't have an escaped prisoner roaming around our mainframes. That being said I think it would be beneficial to have you aboard to help Captain Clear. For now we have a lot of work to do on the old dear. If anything she will, at least, be eye candy amongst the fleet! Thrain's face looms over her own and the woman dons her spectacles. With the robot on a gurney, Clear treks down the corridors towards the A. She sees Pully there talking with one of the technicians. The wheels want to go in every direction and actually squeak and moan as they go. The last thing Clear is aware of is Dr Thrain trying to single-handedly lift her body onto the examining bed... Made her swear not to try anything like that again." Clear lies down and tries to focus and snap out of the grogginess of the general anaesthetic. Forbidden because you were asleep." Clear throws her legs over the side of the bed. Actually, I'm surprised he didn't send several squads, but I think he doesn't want them getting in the way of the repairs." Clear: "Just great.

Obviously I intend this project for myself, but others can take part if they really want to! She had lived on the ship for several years now, so the brown stains of old blood against the walls and floors seemed like decoration. The ship is more like a spacestation now, orbiting the dead and desolate world below. However it didn't have the comforts that the larger ship offers. Clear surmised that the hangar is the weakest point of the ship if ever it were attacked because it opens into empty space with out an atmospheric shield between it and the the vacuum. Once in space, Clear boosts the ship's thrusters and it takes off into space. It'll waste the small's ship's fuel, but she'll get back to The Hopeless all the quicker. She isn't sure if the good captain would destroy her as she gets close to the larger craft, just to spite his loss. The woman doesn't rebuke Clear's claim and simply waits for the soldier at the console to finish his duty. And, like you, The Hopeful is the last of its kind. Her skin is very pale but she has some freckles on her nose that off-sets the otherwise perfect angular beauty she has. That lot usually wouldn't even look at research not done by their own doctors. And put my name in those high-ranking circles of the doctoral elite! as long as it's nothing too invasive..." Thrain: "Invasive? I may send a camera down your throat to look at your stomach. Nothing especially inhuman about your physical characteristics aside from colouring. These glasses allow me to see through your clothes--" Clear: "Ah! Clear forbade the doctor from probing Green and insisted that her powers were not genetic but magical. She didn't know how long they'd take but Clear is working quick as she can. What was left of the body Clear put together but lots of pieces were still missing. She has never seen anything like this but she figures if Wai has done it once, surely he can do it again. It looks like a ship crashed into it." Clear: "Funny you should put it that way..." Wai: "I suppose I have no choice. wherever you came from, we'll do it." Wai: "I'm grateful! Clear just hopes that the movie isn't slowly sending the girl insane. Another op, another success." Thrain goes off to fiddle with some drug preparation while Clear approaches the bacta tank and looks up at her floating friend. Clear often finds herself wondering what goes on in Green's innocent mind. Excelsior has a gravity well installed and will pull any passing craft out of warp. ALEX is unloading the goods and would take them to wherever Note wanted them. I've been back up here five minutes and suddenly the ship's powering up! I actually had to break down a door on that ice planet to get into that tall building. just before it too is killed and falls flat on the ground. He barely seems aware of himself, but he is aware and sometimes would shout profanity at his captors. The other eight stormtroopers follow after them while Londris and Clear bring up the rear. Her arm is in a laser-field sling that keeps it held up in place. She slams the ship into full throttle and charges at the stairs. The nose of the ship hits Wai full on, along with the stairwell. I am your father." Clear coughs with shock and disbelief. Her own personal stash is in a big sack she has slung over her shoulder. Suddenly Clear is frightened and confused and the threat of her world turning upside down was very much upon her. Aboard the ship there is only herself, Heb and one girl that they picked up a month ago named Green. Freezing I was and the cold does not agree with my joints. Apparently their heating system's computer was being uncooperative. Captain Londris appears comfortable and at ease despite the situation, which helps to calm Clear's own nerves. From the scanner she sees that Wai has broken into the docking bay and is walking down the stairs, slowly with purpose. Wai looks up at the ship and she actually sees the surprise on his face. Everything comes crashing down and the ship slams into the wall. " Pully looks up from her own pain and gestures with her head towards a locker. Then ge realises he has nothing to move and he glares up at Clear. She could spend a year trekking and she'd never find everything. Clear, however, doesn't like to and so she keeps it on a straight heading for the planet's surface. Her monitors also display the ship behind her and she looks at its colossal bulk from outside. She almost fancied it would move one day and start wriggling across space. Kaptin Kwanza and his crew are following her to her ship. The name that Kaptin Kwanza had chosen for his deadly vehicle was The Jolly Wanker. She shuts off the engine and the ship lands on the metal bay floor with a clang. The soldiers march her through the snow and Clear wonders if she ought to mention her poor old Bug getting snowpiled. She could never sell herself in such a fashion and the idea of becoming a commander of war seemed almost perverse - though not entirely unappealing, she has to admit to herself. Salvaging and bringing The Hopeless what she needs. This imperial medicine is quite unlike anything Clear has experienced before. Strang seems to wait a moment, as though expecting her to do so, but moves quickly on when he realises she isn't about to do it. The ship means a lot to me, but I would never sacrifice those lives just to get my home back. Warlord Strang: "The ship is capable of making a jump, correct? It can't move at sub-light speeds but I could get a jump out of it." Warlord Strang: "A single jump is enough. " Warlord Strang: "I believe you've been made official Captain of the ship, right? I think you and your ship would be a welcome addition to my fleet." There it is. She is indebted to him, lives under his care have been lost and her ship still needs his aid. She doesn't want to work for him, she doesn't want to join a military. Sir." Warlord Strang: "I wouldn't be too certain of that. From my understanding you yourself are not even aware of most of the ship's systems? " Clear neither liked the crude metaphor nor does she like the prospect that it entails. She also knows, unlike the software team, that the A. Until eventually Pully goes into the room and out of sight. Wai: "I feel like I have wood for legs..." He looks down at his new wooden legs. Clear grasps at Thrain's arm but is too slow as the sharp point pierces Clear's skin. " Pully: "Well, she already had your pants off -- but yeah. " Clear's cheeks turn slightly blue from her Salmitton blush. I forbid you from ever telling anyone about this!!! I think that ass would make any man's eyes wonder..." Clear: "Pully! It's got a lid of frosted glass but Clear can see that there's definitely someone inside. It's quite a marvel of technology really." Clear: "It's unbelievable is what it is. " Pully: "Apparently our medbay is going to be one of the best in the fleet by the time the technicians are done so he had the casket brought here. " Pully: "His name is Captain Turbo now." She laughs. Comparatively she believed it would be the size of a small country on Earth. The gap isn't large enough to fall down, but it's wide enough to trip over. The familiar orange to red tone of the planet stirs old feeling in her almost every time she sees it. In large characters the name of the ship read "The Hopeful". It then skids with a horrible metal grating sound that reverberated throughout The Hopeless. Then everything shifts through the colours of a jump and is suddenly still... Instead she thinks it may be better to leave it where it is in case of emergency. has to prioritise structural repairs above all and The Hopeless-- I mean The Hopeful has a lot of holes still in her." Strang: "I can hear the love of your ship in your voice, my girl, and I admire that in you. The Hopeless in full working order, under her command and absent Note. The Excellence lurches and the screen pursues a pinpoint. The jump is short, suggesting they haven't travelled very far. Warlord Strang: "So this is the aftermath..." Deonal Strang marches into the room as though it were his own. Pully jumps to her feet and tries to move her arm automatically, but whines with pain. Warlord Strang: "This ship has cost me several very fine soldiers, Miss Clear. I would give up The Hopeful in a moment if I could bring them back..." Pully is now lying on her bed again and trying to look like she isn't listening. We'll jump to my shipyard and there they'll be able to get your engines working enough to get this ancient ship into dock. But if she's not, there are other uses for a ship of this size. The ship's secrets are hers to discover, not a maniacal despot's. Pully: "I'd like permission to remain aboard The Hopeful to help Captain Clear manage her ship and integrate into the fleet. I believe she'd benefit from having a familiar face as support and I'd like to repay my debt to her." Warlord Strang: "We don't do repaying debts here, lieutenant. She has that kind of majesty only ancient ship's posses. You're not even documented in the imperial archives at all. The only mention of Martians is in relation to Earth and the humans there. I need to update the system and add information on your kind." Clear: "Not sure I want that." Thrain: "You wanted to give me your thanks? On the bed." Clear reluctantly gets up onto the bed and lies down. I.'s mainframe isn't actually in the Command Centre at all. She peeks down the corridor leading to the Command Centre. Quickly Clear scurries by, pushing the unwieldly gurney as she goes. Clear: "You basss..." Clear falls forward into Thrain's arms but her dead-weight is too heavy for the doctor and they both topple to the floor. That's when I came in and grabbed the camera off of her. Pully: "Except for where you're really really blue." Clear: "AAACK!! Thrain is to take a look at it once she's allowed back in here. Why do things seem to get increasingly complicated around here?

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